5 Things You Should Never Say When You Talk To An Escort

Posted on: 25, Sep 2019


Whenever you meet someone it is normal to be curious. However, when you meet an escort, it is important to be a little careful since you do not want the experience to be a bad one. This is not a regular job so there are questions you should never ask when you meet anyone from Escort-Scotland.com or a similar website.

Questions About The Real Name

It is all up to you if you want to share your real name but do not assume the escort will do the same. You have to wait until a relationship is established until personal information is going to be shared. It is definitely not ok to ask what the escort’s real name is.

Think about other small talk options. Even if you are only interested and you do not mean any harm, it is a subject that has to be avoided. Keeping one’s identity a secret is a big part of this business so do not even try to use “guessing games” to get to know someone’s name.

Talking About The Family

In most cases, the family of the escort does not know about what she/he does for a living. This is why you want to avoid related comments. When you only meet to have a good time, why talk about the family?

It is not a problem when you ask questions about life and interests. When the escorts want to share something like this, it will happen. However, a question about family is considered to be intrusive and should not be a subject of conversation.

Past Clients

Talking about past clients is another big topic of conversation that has to be avoided. This is especially the case when you ask how many clients an escort had in the past. Things get even worse when you do all you can in order to be the last or first client in a “shift”.

Clients have to understand that everything is working for the escort. Schedules should never be dictated and escorts should never be pressured. You might not really like the answer that you get and there is a really good possibility that the answer you will get will be false if you actually get one. Just enjoy your time and make sure you treat the escort with full respect.

Age-Related Questions

It is never a good idea to ask someone about age. This is especially the case with women. This is a question that suggests the fact that a woman is lying for some sort of interest or looks older. There are escorts that will knock some years off the real age. This is done for marketing. It is not an uncommon practice. People do it all the time on social media and apps like Tinder. The truth is that age is completely irrelevant in this line of work.

Questions About Money

Most people are not comfortable disclosing how much money they make. This includes escorts. It is none of anyone’s business how much the London escort makes from clients. Generally, income comments are inappropriate and you should not even think about it.