Adult holiday: top countries for sex tourism

Posted on: 23, May 2023

The definition in encyclopedias states that sex tourism is travel for the purpose of exploring another country’s intimate industry as well as satisfying sexual needs with local prostitutes. And you can find opportunities for erotic services in almost any country – the more hyped a resort is, the more prostitutes there are. But there are several destinations, where the erotic sector is of paramount economic importance, and which brings fabulous profits to the coffers.

top countries for sex tourism

Persuasive Filipino prostitutes

The Philippine islands are a traveler’s paradise for quality, unmatched relaxation. And professional prostitutes are also on the list of tourists’ paramount needs, so the sex services industry is as developed in the country as the hotel or restaurant business. The largest concentration of prostitutes is in the big entertainment centers of Luzon, Manila, Boracay, and Cebu, but the smaller towns also have plenty to entertain with.

The average cost for an hour with an attractive Filipina is 20 American dollars, and the VIP prostitutes take from 40 dollars for the company. But if after spending a night with a girl, you can get her for good as a lawful wife – every mother is happy to give her daughter in marriage to a foreigner for a symbolic amount, and the marriage can be performed on the same day.

Mexico – a country of carnivals and escorts

Mexican entertainment unites a warm sea, exotic nature, and hot Latin cuisine but the most common reasons for coming here are sexual services. Since prostitution is legal in Mexico, you can find a gorgeous girl with a great figure and a hot temper at any resort. At the same time, the price for services directly depends on a Mexican woman’s bust and buttock size which are significant factors for the local population.

Sex dating is also popular in Mexico through the internet; dozens of websites have extensive catalogs with photos and contacts of gorgeous indulgences. Escorts in Mexico, chosen via the Internet, are much cheaper and more reliable than prostitutes from the street, and the range of intimate services here is wider and more diverse. Even a tourist with unusual preferences will find an option for themselves.

Argentina is a budget destination for unforgettable intimate services

Argentinean prostitutes are less famous than their Mexican rivals. But every budget traveler knows that they can have a quality experience at a lower price. Argentina is full of call girls with different looks and the list of their sexual skills is so vast that it will surprise any experienced sex tourist. That’s why they also come here for an unconventional kind of fun.

Argentina is full of young men and girls from all over the world because you can always find an escorts girl for only 20-30 dollars. Her beauty will delight the eye, and her body will help open sexual pleasure from an unknown side.

Thailand – exotic prostitutes at affordable prices

The company of Thai prostitutes will be able to get a lot of vivid impressions, spending a minimum of money. But you should not forget about the peculiarities of the local intimate industry where beautiful women with shapely figures and harmonious facial features turn out to be nice guys in practice. The local flavors are all about sex services, so even a simple relaxing massage session can end up in a private setting.

It is easy to get acquainted with an individual for 20-30 dollars in every night institution, and for 50 her attention will belong to a tourist for the whole night. At the same time, the girls will try to the best of their abilities, because the competition in the country is enormous, which means that you have to outdo the other prostitutes in something.