Are There Any Downsides To The Male Escort Jobs?

Posted on: 22, Aug 2018

Considering the job of an escort, generally, we feel that the life of an escort is super simple and easy to handle. However, the actual reality is not quite true, neither for men nor for women. There are many pros of working as an escort,and there are equal downsides to the male escort jobs. Here are some of the major downsides:

  1. The feeling of being too poor: There are many escorts who earn a lot of money. On the other hand, there are some who do not earn as much as their colleagues. Since there are so many favourites, it is possible that some male escorts, the prettier and muscular ones get more money than the others, and this may lead to others feeling pretty poor in comparison to their colleagues.


  1. Zero Hair: Another downside to being an escort is that you have to be completely hair-free. There is not a single time when you could simply overlook shaving your legs or other bodily hair unless you work with clients who have a hair fetish. Honestly, there are hardly any clients that prefer to have escorts with hair. So the next time you think that escorts have it easy, think again!



  1. Less comfort, more danger: This is quite true in the case of every kind of an escort. The reason for this is that escorts are not given the luxury of choosing their clients. They have to be ready for everything and anything that is thrown at them. It may so happen that the client that walks in is a good client, but the possibility of a difficult and pushy client is just as much. Escorts have to be extremely cautious even with their professional, as their job is not exactly easy.


  1. Stalkers: If you work as an escort and have the misfortune of working with an unprofessional escort agency, then you probably will face the problems of stalkers. There are many clients who begin to have weird feelings and attachments, which leads them to take some drastic steps that include following you wherever you go. Many escorts find their previous clients lurking around their houses or favourite haunts,and this could turn out to be quite hard to deal with.


  1. Plans do not work: Most escorts, who are presently working or had been working in the industry, are wellaware of the fact that everything that can go wrong for you, will probably go wrong. You may spend hours planning what you want to do and what you could do, but in the end, it may turn out to be the complete opposite of what you plan.

Although the world feels that being an escort is one of the sweetest deal to get, there are many issues that come with the territory. You may be as prepared as you want to be, but there will always be something that you did not plan on.