Free Climbing For Escort Girls

Posted on: 05, Jul 2018

This is not what it sounds like. Free climbing is one of the newer and more internet and social media specific dating and sexual terms that have come about in the dating world. It means people who do extensive and deep research on social media and the internet about someone that have only just met. Or even someone that they have not met at all yet, other than on social media, a messaging app such as WhatsApp, Signal or Skype or a dating app. Their thought process is that you have to exercise extreme caution if you are meeting someone new without any introduction from a friend or trusted intermediary. And so they do massive amounts of research to check up on people. Some dating free climbers even go to the trouble and extent of doing credit checks with services such as Experian to know whether what someone says about their profession, income, profession and marital status is accurate.

This kind of weird stalking nonsense is a real risk for high class escort girls. They need to have photos on escort agency web sites, their own web sites, escort directories, social media and all that in order to be in business and generate clients and revenue. Any Marbella escort that did not put photos out would just not be in business. Many even are stupid enough to use their own contract phones in their real names to be in touch with clients. But if they are smart enough not to do that, tools such as Google Images allow perverts and stalkers to find out peoples real identities just by doing image searches.

Dating has become more and more difficult. People also go to extreme lengths to make sure that they are not missing out on potential partners and opportunities. So a social media free climber will trawl back through their contacts and history to make sure that they have not accidentally missed someone appealing. And also to be certain that they do not accidentally like a photo from weeks or even years ago and start off a cascade of awkward discussions and encounters. It is quite rightly considered a very dangerous and ill mannered mission to go to extreme lengths to learn all you can about your crush or potential crush. But it is possibly worse to do so to a professional sex worker with the intention of attacking them or involving yourself in their personal life.