How Much Should You Pay for an Escort [If It’s Your First Time]?

Posted on: 27, Nov 2019

How Much Should You Pay for an Escort

Ordering a west London escort for the first time can be stressful, but at least it doesn’t have to be expensive.
While paying for escorts might come with a bit of stigma, the fact is that more guys do it than you think. Despite this, it can still be a bit nerve wracking booking an escort your first time- mostly because it’s hard to know where to turn for sound advice.
Paying for an escort doesn’t actually need to be expensive. £120 escorts London exist, and not only do they exist, but they also bring just as much quality as any other escort. What you need to know is that escort pricing isn’t necessarily based on the quality of girl. It’s actually based on a few different factors.

The Look

London escorts come in all different shapes and sizes. Finding the girl that fits your desires really isn’t that tough. Gorgeous, blonde, tall, brunette, big boobs, small waist… whatever it is you’re looking for, chances are you can find it.
The quality of your escort to be doesn’t necessarily rely strictly on price. While it is true you get what you pay for, some west London escort agencies will run specials on certain times of the day, or specific days of the week. This helps to fill gaps in schedules that can crop up from time to time.
While you may not really want the budget hooker- as long as your not popping 50 quid in some back alley transaction, you should be alright. As a rule of thumb, escort agencies are the best at offering discounts and specials for high quality girls. This happens because any given agency works with a large number of UK escorts. Meaning that occasionally- the girls will have some extra time that they don’t mind spending with you for a fraction of their regular price.

The Length

Often, a London escort will charge her clients by the hour. These days, it’s rare to find an appointment for less than that, but it does happen. As you may have guessed, the duration of your date will be a heavy determining factor as to how much that date will cost.
London escort agencies will charge their girls a fee for their services, which means that cost gets passed down to the consumer. While it might seem like a good idea to look for an independent escort to secure a better price, you’ll lose out on any guarantees. Meaning the girl may look different from her ad, not show up, or show up and not handle the booking professionally. So even with a £120 London escort, you’re still getting the guarantee of the agency that they will provide what you’ve paid for.
Occasionally, agencies will offer discounts on longer bookings, like overnights and weekends. While these types of appointments are definitely not cheap, they’re often better value for money.

The Options

Depending on how you’d like to spend your time, certain desires could end up costing you a bit more. All London escorts come with what’s considered a “menu”. This is a guide as to what comes standard with her base rate. If you’re considering something outside what her menu offers, be prepared to pay a la carte prices.
Especially if you’re looking for an intensely niche fetish experience. Generally girls who specialize in things like BDSM, girlfriend experiences, and water works will cost a bit more. Because again, you’re paying for some extras: Things like toys, equiptment, and specific wardrobes all cost the escort herself. Agencies are not going to pay for these extras, so unless you’re bringing them along (which is generally considered a no go) expect to pay a premium for premium service.