Posted on: 05, Jun 2018

The Americans just have this way of screwing things up. And that would be OK, but they also have this apparent need to dress up whatever they want to do – or what they actually do, anyway – as some kind of moral, ethical or religious cause. From invading countries or using drone strikes to enforce and impose freedom (how do you impose freedom?) to inflicting their views on sexual morality to the world via legislating on what can and can not be shown and distributed via the internet, their grubby little moral crusades impact on us all in ways that neither they nor we intend or can predict.

Recent changes in American law have made the sex industry more difficult and dangerous for sex workers in the United States. It was dressed up as an attempt to prevent human trafficking. Bit is actually makes the lives of sex workers more problematic and dangerous. Honestly, what American law makers do to American citizens is upo to them. But when it comes to internet, it is never that straightforward. Las Palmas escorts are as badly affected by the changes in the law as a working girl in New York. And while the Spanish politicians and people do not care about the sex business – they have no laws about it at all – the United States have still managed to make it hard for women working in Spain to do something perfectly legal.

Anyway, the upshot is that while every single social media platform is filled with pretty sexualised pictures, filth, smut, and a downright astonishing display of total evil stuff that makes me – a professional sex worker – gasp and look away, professional sex workers are just about the only people not able to use social media freely to give themselves a voice, let alone advertise their bushinesses. Islamic State can recruit via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube showing be-headings and the gang rapes of young women. But an adult female in a free society offering a totally legal service? NO! She must be explicitly banned or shadow banned before she brings down the fabric of society with her entirely legal and not at all coerced activities which are her chosen profession. I take it back, it is not a bizarre and stressful relationship. The social media platforms are all hypocrites and misogynistic pigs.