Is Anything Off Limits for An Escort Agency in London?

Posted on: 28, May 2018

Escorting is a wonderful business that has survived for countless centuries and will survive for many more! Many people rightly share the opinion that escorting is the first business or enterprise of the world!

That is a legacy that the escorting professionals and agencies of today have to live up to. Escorting as a business has survived because of its propensity to evolve and move along with the times and it continues to do so in most parts of the world, especially the major cities.

Picturesque London

London is not only one of the leading cities of the world but also one of the most pleasant and gorgeous. It has a great personality that is a mix of old-world charm coupled with modern amenities. You can buy anything and everything possible in London!

The city lends itself beautifully to the business of escorting as it is a leading ‘business and entertainment destination’ of the world. Every day, a large number of business folk from all over the world arrive to engage in business. These are the best prospective clients that any escort could ask for.

Confusion between prostitution and escorting

Often times it is riskier and more difficult to run an escorting business than it is to run some other business. This is largely due to the fact that the law confuses the business of escorting with that of prostitution. To anyone who is a part of either of the businesses, the distinction is clear as day.

However, to someone on the outside, it is very easy to confuse one with the other. And that is what the law does at least in London. To skirt this problem and be one of the most profitable escorts in London, you or an escort agency will need to undertake a few steps, to ensure a smooth running business.

Agencies have to be careful of the law and there are a lot of things that are off-limits for them. The following pointers will help an agency to work effectively within the framework of the law in London –

  1. Omit sexual overtones and undertones – Whether it is your marketing or your conversations with prospective clients, you need to make sure that sex is not an apparent part of the deal. The law has criminalized the selling of sex and what distinguishes prostitution from escorting is that an escort sells her services while a prostitute just sells sex. So do not blatantly indulge in marketing sexual services.
  2. Freedom to escorts – If you run an escort agency, then whether it is your dynamic cheap London escorts or your high-class escorts; you need to ensure that they remain in charge of making their own decisions. You cannot enforce them to work for longer hours against their will or else it will and is considered prostitution. So give them their independence and let them have the power to reject or accept a client as well as decide their own working hours.
  3. Make your agenda clear – In your marketing and other forms of customer outreach, ensure that it is evident that you are selling the companionship of the escorts for a specified period of time. Any other services that take place, remain a matter of agreement between the individuals involved, not the agency. The escort agency cannot be liable for anything other than companionship.
  4. No accommodation – if you want to avoid being classified as a prostitution business according to the law then you should ensure that you do not provide any accommodation for the sessions and neither a driver for the escorts traveling. If you do this then it can definitely be considered prostitution, and not escorting.
  5. Nominal fee – Make it clear in your legal undertakings that any transaction of money that takes place between the escort and the client, is a private matter between the two of them. You only get a percentage of for providing your services. This is commonly referred to as a commission. The payment that you receive will only be considered payment for the marketing services you provide as a booking agency service.
  6. Identity proof – In London, the law says that an escort can work freely and continue doing so, as long as she is over the age of 18. If the escorts in London from your agency look nubile and very young like usually London Asian escorts look alike then you better have their relevant identification documents at hand. You need to be very careful about this as promoting the escorting services of a person below 18 is an extremely serious offense.
  7. Pay your taxes – It goes without saying that the most important thing when it comes to running your business smoothly, is paying taxes! You need to make sure that your filings and other such relevant revenue and tax-related documents are prepared and filed regularly. Do this and you will have evaded half the trouble in the world, in terms of running your business smoothly.
  8. Know the law – Since there is a great chance that the law will try and catch up with you if it confuses you with a prostitution business, you need to know the relevant sections of the law and more importantly have a great understanding of them. This will automatically ensure that you never even unknowingly break the law!

Escort agencies are the best!

If you are looking for cheap escorts in London then it would be better for you to search for an escort agency rather than an independent escort. An escort agency has a lot of eclectic choices with eclectic prices. You can choose whatever is the most relevant for you in terms of money and personal preference.

The escort agencies ensure that the level of professionalism remains intact and that their beautiful escorts in London remain fit and healthy! So if an escort agency is able to function in accordance with the various relevant tenets of the law, then for all practical purposes it is a legitimate and legally operated and owned business. After that, no prospective client is off limits and an escorting agency can operate peacefully and productively!

If you are looking to operate an escort agency successfully, then make sure that you remain well within the boundaries and limits of the law!