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Naked Escort Equals Happy Client

Posted on: 10, Sep 2018

A client with a naked escort is a happy client. End of a story really. There are exceptions, but not enough to bother with in real life. It does not matter whether they asked for a tall red head and they find themselves with a short blonde, or they wanted pendulous huge boobies and the escort girl with them has boobs that are small and bite sized. What matters is that you are there, with them, right now. And naked. Everything beyond that is a bonus for ninety nine per cent of the clients that you come across – or vice versa, you know what I mean!

Lots of escort girls meet up with male clients who are unhappy with their day to day lives and / or their day to day wives: They might be unhappy about their work, grumpy about events that have gone on during their days or just generally disgruntled. But, once a Madrid escort gets undressed and begins to prance around in front of them, especially with high heels and a sexy smile on their face the clients’ mood seems to imysteriously alter to a far more happy and posiitve state. Strange that.

Naked Escort Equals Happy Client

If a professional high class escort girl meets up with an especially moody male client, she can save the booking, the revenue – and, possibly, their sanity and ego – by starting to perform a strip tease or a lap dance. Especially a naked lap dance while you she is wearing high heels, a necklace and nothing else. Alternatively, just encouraging the client to let her advance to the more pleasurable elements of the paid for date while he discusses his frustrations, stresses and disappointments. The odds are pretty good that the male client will forget about his troubles and become more much interested in a professional high class escort girls bare boobs or posterior. And there are few men who are able to maintain a totally negative mood while their erect penis is being sucked, licked, fondled and otherwise taken care of by the warm wet and welcoming mouth of a skillful and experienced sexual performer.

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