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Travel Tips From Sex Workers

Posted on: 21, Aug 2018

Travel Tips From Sex Workers

Fill dead space in your luggage – When it comes to packing, you need to make sure that you use every little extra inch of suitcase space that you can. If you are like me and most professional high class escorts that I know, this is especially important on the return journey after you have loaded up with extra clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories that you just had to have. So, roll your tops, underwear, and socks and put them into your shoes. Jewellery can go into wash bags (not the one you are putting through the X ray at security). Use vacuum seal bags to reduce the size of your rolled clothes by up to fifty per cent. Make a game out of finding dead space to put your stuff into. Work it, baby. Just make sure that you check everything thoroughyl when you come to unpack again, or that ear ring that you find in your shoe will hurt like hell.

Take your essential condoms and sex toys with you – For whatever reason, major hotels have taken to not having condom machines in the public toliets. Except in Vegas, of course, where there is one in every room. Nice touch, party town! But anywhere else, you cannot rely on finding condoms when you arrive. So do what the type of woman who escorts Barcelona visitors do. Take the essentials through security with you in your hand luggage. Lube, condoms, a vibrator (or two). Believe me, security will have seen it all before. But for obvious reasons they might be a little sniffy about potential deadly weapons or hijacking tools. Sp pack the handcuffs, whips and chains in the hold baggage.

Stay fresh – It is important to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Especially if you are on a long trip. And even more so if, like high class escorts, your personal appearance and sexual allure are your professional stock in trade. So take a small bag of pot pourri, fabric conditioner sheets or scented drawer liners in each of your bags. Obviously, more than one for large suitcases or anything containing sports wear or under wear! That way, you will keep your clothes (and you) smelling sweet and fresh throughout the trip, no matter how long the journey.

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