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Posted on: 22, Feb 2018

London male escorts

There as some people that when you hang out with them on any special day, you can’t help but celebrate. I found this trait among London male escorts. They have a way of making every celebration fun, even the one you think shouldn’t matter.

I first noticed this trait about London male escorts during my nineteenth birthday. Well, I am this kind of shy girl that would always like to stay reserved especially in public. For that reason, I had little friends. When I decided to celebrate my nineteenth birthday, it came as a huge shock to my friends. They openly told me of how much I am an antisocial being.

I didn’t need the reminder from them, but they always seemed more than happy to remind me. When I made it open that I would be celebrating, two of my female friends and one male friend hijacked the party. They assured me that they will take care of the preparations and would make sure that the event was a huge success, but there was a catch.

The catch was that on that day I must introduce my boyfriend to all of them. It was just nine days away. How could I do that? Even speed dates take more than that for the two to really agree that they want to be together. I protested, but they would not listen or shift their ground.

Yes, I confess, I cheated. I went to the website of London male escorts agency and hired this irresistible hunk. The moment I saw his picture and pose, I couldn’t help but hire him. I knew my friends would really be impressed if they saw him. Since none of them knew him too, my secret was safe.

On my birthday, what I wanted was just to introduce him to them, and after the entire buzz I would go to a corner and hide, and accept any gifts that were brought my way. When I discussed it with my escort, he said it didn’t really make sense. He mentioned that if I was going to act, then it was proper I put up a good show.

He also said something else that really melted my heart. He said, “We all have our principles, but once in a while, it is good to lay down our guards and enjoy the moment because it might as well be our last”.

I chewed deeply on his words. Then I decided that a day without my guards won’t really hurt. I told him that I wasn’t sure how to have fun and he told me to leave that to him. “Just follow my lead he said.

I did as he said. We danced, screamed and did a lot of stuff I have never done before that my friends could not hide their amazement. The guy that participated in the organisation had to walk up later to me and said, “Girl, I never knew you had so much fun locked within you. I would have persuaded you to be my girlfriend long ago.”
I gave him a light punch on his shoulder and smiled, “Now, you are late,” I said

“Oh Yeah,” he said and walked away

My friends were not the only ones surprised. I was also surprised at myself. For the next few weeks, I would sleep and dream about the extension of the party. Even during the day sometimes, images flash in my head that makes me laugh – sometimes to the surprise of those around me.

February 14, 2018, I decided to give London male escorts another shot. I was not really a Valentine person. I didn’t see the fuzz in all that. In fact, I see the media hype as marketers stunt to make more sales.

The escort arrived at my house by 6 pm rocking a red and white suit. He looked amazing. He pleaded with me to wear something similar. I obeyed. From seen a romantic comedy at the cinema, we went to a lot of nature preserves that made me really excited.

I didn’t plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day, but by the time I retired to my home, I felt like I have celebrated more than many people that really planned for it. That is how London male escorts always turn things around for me.