Reasons Why Escorts Usually Say “No”

Posted on: 08, Apr 2020

Escorts are very obliging and generous-hearted usually and that is the impression that most of their customers get. However, this is true, but not all escorts willingly take you on. In fact, you might end up hearing an escort say no to you. As surprising as it may seem, this is true and that is why it is advisable for a customer not to spring a surprise on them by visiting them unannounced. Do not make it a nasty surprise.

As a word of advice, treat the escort well and do not make it all about sex and between the sheets. They will like you if you take them out and entertain them with a good dinner and drinks. It shows that you are a polished man and an assurance that she is going to have a good time with you. Tipping her heavily will not do the works or gain her acceptance. Instead, buying her something as a token of appreciation could be a better idea.

There are several reasons why escorts say ‘no’. It could be professional or personal reasons. No matter how much you pay them, they can still say no. However, do learn to accept rejection and smile it away.

According to a VIP escort agency London, Here are the top 10 reasons why escorts say no to customers.

Hygiene issues:

Not only escorts but women, in general, are attracted to men who smell good. If you have a body odour then you need to fix as soon as possible in order to get accepted. Facing a rejection due to hygiene issues is a sad situation to be in. Body odour, unkempt body, and shabby looks are never welcomed by escorts even if you pay them extra. Hygiene is of paramount importance for escorts, as they take pain to be clean and healthy for clients and they expect the same from them.

Cheap behaviour:

Several men agree to the payment terms, but end up underpaying them after the deal is done. Men need to understand that the escort is offering their services for the money and gives you a lot in return physically and psychologically. Although she may accept the payment respectfully, it is unlikely that she will give you a second chance and take you back.

Tiring sex:

Just because you are paying her, you do not have the right to continuously demand sex. After all, intercourse is physically and emotionally tiring, even for an escort. Although she would oblige, there is no guarantee that she will like it. Also, making unreasonable sexual demands from her may not go down well with the escort. In order to avoid facing rejection, you will need to make a positive impression.

Rude behaviour:

Escorts like to be treated respectfully even if you are paying them for their services. Remember, an escort is a professional and should be treated with respect, like you would treat any other professional. Being disrespectful will only invite their ire and rejection the next time you would like to hire them.


Customers who have stalking tendencies get rejected without a blink of an eyelid. Customers should keep in mind that the escorts can see right through and are experts in predicting such behaviours. Any escort that you hire is there only for the commitment and they do not entertain a personal relationship with a customer. They are professional individuals and do not mix personal life with professional life.

Personal reasons:

Escorts sometimes say no because they simply do not like the person. There may be no specific reason, but they do not like you on sight. It is not possible to be liked by everyone in the world and at some point or the other, you may face rejection in life.

Underperformance in bed:

If you are not good at sex and the escort does not like it with you then she may never take you back. Underperformance is an issue with many men and this could happen to you as well. Never over promise and under deliver. It is best to be honest about such problems and say it upfront. If you do this, the escort will actually be caring and go out of her way to extract the best out of you.

Health issues:

If you are suffering from an STD (sexually transmitted disease) and hire an escort, she will never appreciate it. She will never turn around and look at you again in her life. It is best to avoid contact with escorts and every other woman in your life if you have been diagnosed with an STD.


Irrespective of what they say, like men are non-committal or they do not gossip and so on, men tend to pry a lot. Getting possessive about the escort that you hire and you keep trying to get her to divulge her personal life to you may not go down well with an escort. She may just walk-out on you. This is worse than being rejected. Avoid getting under their skin no matter how tempted you are. Do not ask personal questions about them and their family unless she volunteers it.


Some escorts do not like controversy of any kind in their lives and if your job profile is such that can bring in controversies, she will reject you outright. For example, escorts do not like punters, journalists, politicians, and reporters just to name a few. It is best to be discreet about the profession and stick to the purpose that you have hired the escort for.



You should avoid these common reasons if you wish to be accepted with open arms by an escort. If you get rejected, take in your stride. Instead, look for another escort and avoid repeating the mistakes. Also, learn to accept a ‘no’ gracefully and exit from the scene in a respectful manner. Do not get abusive or demeaning by using swear words or causing bodily harm. It will be counterproductive. Every time you face rejection, evaluate the reasons why it might have happened. The next time you can make better decisions about yourself.

Many men are under the wrong impression that if they pay money, the escort has to obey their commands. It is nothing more than a misconception; money cannot buy you everything, especially not a woman’s attention. So keeping these in mind and opt for a careful approach to avoid rejection.