Posted on: 18, May 2018

Let us face it, sex and money go together just like surfers and head injuries, Southern Europe and tax evasion, Donald Trump and scandal. Basically, simply put, sex and money go together like sex and money. And along with sex and money, there is always the allure or spectre – depending on your viewpoint – of sex for money. The two concepts are not quite the same thing. Sex and money signifies the sexual allure of money and the people that have it. I wonder what attracted Melania Knaus to the (so he claims) billionaire Donald Trump? Sex for money means exactly what it says. But there is a large amount of cross over between the two concepts. The border between the two is extremely fluid. 

For women who work in the escort industry, the link between sex and money is explicit. They trade time, companionship and sexual favours in return for money. There is no ambiguity about the fact that men who want access to their youth and sexual allure, you have to pay for it. No money no honey, as the saying goes. The sexy and elegant escorts that work with 2nd Circle Malaga are very clear about the fact that being sexy and desirable is their profession. Their sexiness is available in return for money.

Pretty much all women are attracted to men who have wealth and money. No matter what they might protest. Not every woman is so mercenary as to want that rich man to spend it on her in the shape of meals, trips to exotic locations and gifts such as handbags and shoes. Some women just find successful men more attractive than unsuccessful men. In the same way that men are attracted to youth, beauty and vigour. But equally, most women would vehemently deny that they in any way make their sexuality available in return for money. The fact that their rich male lovers just happen to shower them with gifts, treats and take them to beautiful and exotic destinations is purely a side effect of their choosing the right man. And being able to attract them and keep them, of course. But they would deny to their dying breath that there is any link between their man getting them nice things and them making their sexual allure available. Obviously.