The South East Escorting Scene

Posted on: 30, May 2018

The South East Escorting Scene

The South East of England is a large and varied area. It covers rural areas, technological cities, docks, docks, farming, universities, Information technology and nuclear research. You can imagine the variety of South East England escorts will be very varied. This article about the escorting scene of this area is too large to go into in one article, so I am going to break it down into a variety of short articles. First I am going to talk about the escorts scene in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire in my mind is broken up into four areas, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury Vale, High Wycombe and the posher Chesham / Amersham areas.

Milton Keynes Escorts

First lets start off with Milton Keynes Escorts. A new city which has grown and grown. Full of distribution warehouses, close to Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire and the M1. Lots of high tech technology zoned in small areas interspersed with housing. It is a thriving city with a lot of young randy people. It prided itself with having very little street prostitution. It though has a thriving sex industry with many women living and working in Milton Keynes. It does also have many women who commute into the city to work in the flats and apartments that openly advertise sexual services.

This openness to allow commercial sexual services has existed for a very long time. Some brothel madams such as Madam Becky became quite media celebrities. She has retired, but other flats continue to run out of the city and surrounding towns.

Aylesbury Escorts

Moving to the Aylesbury Vale and the county council town, we find a smaller sex industry with escorts mostly working on their own or in adhoc popup flats. They still advertise in the local newspaper. The rates are a little bit more than the escort rates in Milton Keyes. There are independent groups of escorts who work out of a flat in Aylesbury and also work out of other Buckinghamshire towns.

High Wycombe Escorts

High Wycombe is a large town in the South of the county. It used to be the centre of the furniture making industry. In my view the town is the pits and I don’t often visit the area. It was also a town which became involved in a teenage sex grooming scandal a few years back. So those are the negative aspect off my back. What else does High Wycombe have to offer. Well it has the same in call escort agency called One 2 One Escorts whoprovide in calls in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and other locations.

High Wycombe also has a notorious raunchy past at The Hellfire Caves. A notorious club called the Hellfire club ran out of there. Their raunchy licentious parties provided mush employment for the local Buckinghamshire Escorts.  The location is now owned by the National Trust.

Amersham Escorts

On now to the final area of Buckinghamshire. This is what I call the posher part of Buckinghamshire. House prices have risen, we are on the edge of London Transport zone. Its easy now to travel to London to find reliable cheap escorts from the many in call facilities.  Despite this there are many independent escorts working in the area providing specialised services.